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Real Food 7: Meatza

Posted: 12th April 2011 by tyler in fat loss, food, nutrition, paleo
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This is what a finished piece of meatza looks like It’s been a while since I put up a post on food… so here’s something that is one of my go-to meals. I love pizza, and seriously, who doesn’t? But eating the wheat in the crust of a standard pizza just isn’t worth it to […]


New Deadlift World Record!

Posted: 4th April 2011 by tyler in sport, weights
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While the effects of low-carb dieting on health can be impressive as well, especially for people with metabolic derangement (insulin/leptin resistance), I want to stick to low-carb for fat loss at the moment. Just to be clear, an evolutionary or paleo diet is not by nature always a low carb diet, though it can be.  […]