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This actually captures his likeness pretty well. I spent all day at the Robb Wolf’s seminar in Boston yesterday. It was a really fun group, I had an awesome time. The presentation was excellent with a lot of great background science and some great tips for implementation. I’ll post some notes on cool stuff soon.


Whole Foods Debacle

Posted: 14th August 2011 by tyler in education, nutrition
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Every Sunday my roommates and I go to whole foods to get our meat, butter, and a couple other random things for the week. Sometimes I get odd looks when I’m checking out with 300 thousand calories of grass fed ground beef, pastured butter, and a couple packs of Spinach- these Whole Food types tend […]


Using a Sock for Soft-Tissue Work

Posted: 5th August 2011 by tyler in recovery

Trainer of the stars and resident greek god, Tony Gentilcore, just posted a short article and video on using a sock for self myofascial release. It features my sock and lacrosse ball that have been across the world, so check it out: