Perfect Health Diet Food Plate

Posted: 7th October 2011 by tyler in coconut oil, eggs, food, nutrition, paleo, snacks, sugar

This is a great visual representation of how to eat well. If you haven’t read Paul Jaminet’s book, it’s in my top two for books to read on nutrition. Check it out here: Perfect Health Diet.

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  2. Pat Bitton says:

    What’s wrong with beans? They’re one of my primary protein sources, since I don’t eat meat.

    • tyler says:

      Hi Pat,

      Beans are what we call a “third-world protein”; although they have do have some of the essential amino acids, they are not in a very high-quality form that is particularly usable by humans. Beyond that beans contain gut irritants and nutrient inhibitors that increase inflammation and reduce nutrient absorption respectively. That being said, there are several traditional preparation techniques that render the anti-nutrients harmless – these include soaking, sprouting, or fermenting. If you’re going to eat beans, take the time to properly prepare them and your body will thank you. All indigenous cultures that subsisted off of beans prepared them these way because they knew the consequences of doing otherwise.

      Do you eat eggs, fish, or dairy?