Another good infographic, this time on barefoot running. The human foot is the result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and shoe technology is not going to improve upon it that much… more likely it interferes with proper foot function. That being said, humans didn’t traditionally run on concrete or other very hard surfaces either, so certain concessions must be made. Get a shoe that allows for natural foot mechanics and proprioception, but has enough cushioning to protect your feet. Start of at shorter distances, progress to longer runs.
Free Your Feet

  1. JD Moyer says:

    Great graphic. It seems like there are more options out there too (not just Vibrams). My friend has some nice-looking running shoes with a flat 4mm sole — can’t remember the brand but I may pick some up for myself. I can’t really do the five-toed shoes — just too goofy looking.

    • tyler says:

      I really like the Puma H Streets – very thin, flexible, and flat. They look good too. The vibrams just look ridiculous in most social settings… they do feel great though. I got some New Balance Minimus’ a few weeks before they were released to test out, and those are pretty nice as well. My one complaint is the pointed toe-box, other than that a nice shoe.