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Beasty Bowls on the Shelves in Arcata!!

Posted: 4th January 2012 by tyler in food, HumGrown, sustainability

BEASTY BOWLS by HumGrown Products hit stores yesterday. The BEASTY BOWL is a 12 oz feast freshly made in Arcata with LOCAL and ORGANIC ingredients. We use Humboldt Grass Fed Beef, Warren Creek Farm Potatoes, Wild Rose Farm Kale, Organic Onions, Grass Fed Butter, and local spices to combine for a delicious, satisfying, and nutritionally dense heat and eat meal. Please check out our quality […]


For many of the clients I work with, sleeping in the dark is one of the most effective and easiest ways to greatly speed their fat loss efforts and improve their health. This is one of those proverbial, “low-hanging fruits”; habits that are very powerful for health change but require very little effort. I’ve seen […]