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I have a new article that was just published at In it I discuss getting leaner, what type of eating pattern is the best, Martin Berkhan-style intermittent fasting, and if you should worry about missing some meals. Click the link below to read it! What are your experiences with meal frequency? Post in the […]


Are Spouted Grains A Healthy Food Option?

Posted: 16th March 2012 by tyler in nutrition, wheat

One of my friends and I often exchange emails about his questions on nutrition and exercise and my thoughts on the topics. They’re always good questions and many people would benefit from seeing these interactions, so I decided to start posting them. Here’s the first one: Are sprouted grains a healthy food? In general I […]


Good reads:

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  My Thoughts On Juicing¬†– Brian St. Pierre talks about pros and cons of juicing, and I agree. Palatability, Satiety, and Calorie Intake – Stephan Guyenet The High Price of Antibiotic Use – Chris Kresser on why you should avoid antibiotics unless¬†absolutely¬†necessary. Researchers are now finding out that one course of antibiotics can permanently change […]


How to Fly:

Posted: 1st March 2012 by tyler in sport