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Beasty Bowls on the Shelves in Arcata!!

Posted: 4th January 2012 by tyler in food, HumGrown, sustainability

BEASTY BOWLS by HumGrown Products hit stores yesterday. The BEASTY BOWL is a 12 oz feast freshly made in Arcata with LOCAL and ORGANIC ingredients. We use Humboldt Grass Fed Beef, Warren Creek Farm Potatoes, Wild Rose Farm Kale, Organic Onions, Grass Fed Butter, and local spices to combine for a delicious, satisfying, and nutritionally dense heat and eat meal. Please check out our quality […]


I’ve noticed a lot of co-workers and friends getting sick lately, and now that we’re really getting in to cold and flu season, many people have been asking for tips on how to keep from catching a cold or the flu. Here are some tips on how to boost your immune system and decrease the […]


Perfect Health Diet Food Plate

Posted: 7th October 2011 by tyler in coconut oil, eggs, food, nutrition, paleo, snacks, sugar

This is a great visual representation of how to eat well. If you haven’t read Paul Jaminet’s book, it’s in my top two for books to read on nutrition. Check it out here: Perfect Health Diet.


Explosive rotary medicine ball work, upper body weight training, and an hour of full court basketball… Food to refuel the body. And it took me less than 15 minutes to make. Rub olive oil on the salmon, season with salt and pepper, bake for 14 minutes and 425 degrees Peel and slice sweet potato, heat […]


7 Tips for Conventional Meats

Posted: 23rd April 2011 by tyler in conventional meat, food
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Don over at Primal Wisdom recently wrote a post about one of the dangers of conventional meat, antibiotic resistant bacteria. You can read about it here: Conventional Meat May Contain MAR Bacteria: What To Do About It In the post he made a list of 7 tips for buying and cooking conventional meats. They’re great tips […]