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Perfect Health Diet Food Plate

Posted: 7th October 2011 by tyler in coconut oil, eggs, food, nutrition, paleo, snacks, sugar

This is a great visual representation of how to eat well. If you haven’t read Paul Jaminet’s book, it’s in my top two for books to read on nutrition. Check it out here: Perfect Health Diet.


Below you will find an updated rebuttal with contributions for Pedro Bastos and Maelan Fontes. Additionally you will find a list of the experts who reviewed the diets, and linkes to Portuguese language sites which have translated the rebuttal. We will have Spanish language rebuttals available soon. I am writing a formal request to US […]


US News “Best Diets”

Posted: 10th June 2011 by tyler in news, nutrition, paleo
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This is taken from Robb Wolf’s Blog – succinct write up on paleo/evolutionary nutrition clinical research: Hi Doc, I’m not sure if you’ve seen this or not, but US News ranked Paleo last of 20 diets claiming a lack of scientific evidence and no-long term weight maintenance guidelines. I’m not sure if you’d be interested […]


Real Food 7: Meatza

Posted: 12th April 2011 by tyler in fat loss, food, nutrition, paleo
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This is what a finished piece of meatza looks like It’s been a while since I put up a post on food… so here’s something that is one of my go-to meals. I love pizza, and seriously, who doesn’t? But eating the wheat in the crust of a standard pizza just isn’t worth it to […]


PN on Low-Carb Diets Precision Nutrition is a pretty good resource for most people, and it’s what got me in to nutrition in the first place, over 6 years ago. I like that they are staying pretty up to date with the research, and are not afraid to say “New evidence has come out and […]