By tyler
Nutrition Coaching

This is the main component of what I do. With so much misinformation coming from profit-motivated diet consultants, sensationalized media headlines, and the food industry, people are more confused about what to eat than ever before. “Experts” give conflicting and constantly changing information that has mislead consumers and made eating, one of the fundamental skills of life, in to a chore rather then a pleasure. Every day I see highly motivated people working really hard to improve their health, performance, and body composition. The problem is that they’re trying really hard at the wrong things; when they start working at the right things, incredible changes happen. I can help you navigate through the misinformation and teach you how to create habits that you can use for the rest of your life.

When you work with me on your nutrition you will receive:

  • Comprehensive Client Information Questionnaire – This shows me your health status, goals, food habits, allergies, and dislikes so I can individualize the consultation to you!
  • Detailed Nutrition & Lifestyle Analysis – I use this information from the Client Information Questionnaire and your Three-Day Food Log to do a limiting-factor analysis that allows me to create an individualized step-by-step program where we makes the smallest possible changes that lead to the greatest results, as well as providing detailed feedback on your food log.
  • The EHS Nutrition Guide – A packet that outlines principles that you can apply for optimal nutrition wherever you go and whatever your goals are. These guidelines and my feedback will give you the skills needed for lifelong success.
  • Unlimited Email access to my personal account – For questions, updates, modifications, education, etc.
  • Individualized Meal Plans – Created specifically for you. Includes shopping list and recipes.
  • Customized Training Programs – Designed to work complementary to with your individual nutrition program and help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

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Training Program Design

“Everything works, nothing works forever”

This quote eloquently illustrates why designing a training program for yourself is so tough. How many people do you see in the gym doing the same workout day in and day out? How many are changing their workouts every week because they’re not sure they’re doing the the best possible program? Whatever you’re training goal is – power, fat loss, muscle gain, health, athleticism, or corrective exercise – why not let a qualified professional who’s trained hundreds of athletes program your training for you. Each training program will be written specifically for you- no cookie-cutter programs.

Working with me on training and you will receive:

  • Comprehensive Athletic History Questionnaire – Details health and injury history, previous training experience, your schedule, and your goals. I will look at photos and videos of your movement and exercises to ensure correct technique.
  • Video and Picture Exercise Demonstrations – Sent to you to demonstrate every exercise I program for you.
  • Individualized One-Month Training Programs – These workouts are designed for you based on the information collected from your assessments. Your program includes soft tissue work, warmups, dynamic mobility, corrective exercise, and any other training methods your goal calls for; fat loss, strength, power, mass, general fitness, etc.
  • Unlimited Email Access to my personal account – For questions, modifications, corrections.
  • Nutrition Programs – Designed by me to work in complement with your exercise programming goals.

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