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While the effects of low-carb dieting on health can be impressive as well, especially for people with metabolic derangement (insulin/leptin resistance), I want to stick to low-carb for fat loss at the moment. Just to be clear, an evolutionary or paleo diet is not by nature always a low carb diet, though it can be.  […]


Preventing Fatty Liver

Posted: 23rd November 2010 by tyler in fatty liver, omega 6
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Fatty Liver II. A couple weeks ago I wrote a little bit about how children as young as five years old are getting Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and discussed how fructose appears to be a causative factor (not the only one). It’s kind of an important issue considering that as many as 100 million […]


Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Kids

Posted: 2nd October 2010 by tyler in fatty liver

A disturbing conversation While I was in the University Health Center for some routine blood work yesterday, I learned something interesting. The doctor I talked with happened to be a national speaker on diabetes, which lead us in to a conversation on the nutritional treatment of diabetes. She mentioned how having her patients stop drinking […]